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Jan Kollwitz – Japanische Keramik aus dem Anagama-Ofen

Discovering Japan at the Baltic Sea

The Pottery of Jan Kollwitz

The book opens with an introduction by the Berlin author Christoph Peters discussing the history, the philosophy and the cultural context of ceramics created for the Japanese tea ceremony. 

For the central section, the Hamburg photographer Götz Wrage and his camera accompanied Jan Kollwitz for 10 months during the preparations for a firing in 2009. The images illustrate not only the ceramics themselves, but also provide visual documentation of the entire production process. 

A conversation between Christoph Peters and Jan Kollwitz forms the third part of the book. The ceramicist talks about his training in Japan and what he learned there as the pupil of a Japanese master, and describes how he translated and implemented these experiences in his own workshop in Cismar. 

Wachholtz Verlag, 3rd edition 2017, 96 pages, in German only
€ 19,90 + Delivery Charges € 8,- 

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Complete English translation by Kate Burlingame and Jochanan Kollwitz (PDF)

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Jan Kollwitz – Japanische Keramik aus dem Anagama-Ofen

Herr Yamashiro bevorzugt Kartoffeln (Mr. Yamashiro prefers potatoes)

In his novel Christoph Peters tells the story of the construction of the anagama kiln in Cismar.

Ironically, in a sleepy cove on the Baltic Sea, the famous Japanese kiln-maker Tatsuo Yamashiro is to build a traditional Anagama wood-burning kiln for the German ceramic artist Ernst Liesgang. Everything has to be done strictly according to Japanese tradition, and so Mr. Yamashiro is even accompanied by a cook of their own, who is to take care of his physical well-being. Again and again, there are unimaginable complications in the construction. And as if that were not enough, Mr. Yamashiro to the horror of his Japanese companions discovers also his enthusiasm for Mettbrötchen, Schnitzel, potatoes and clear liquor.

Luchterhand Literaturverlag, 4th edition 2014
Hardback edition: 224 pages, in German only
€ 18,99 + Delivery Charges € 8,-

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The paperback edition can be purchased through the book trade for the price of € 9.99.